More Comforting Than Chicken Soup

Etic Eating

Cangee is a rice porridge usually served as a breakfast food, or given to the very young , the very old or the sick.

Which doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation. But as well as being nourishing, easy to digest and to cook, cangee is delicious in its own right: soft and wholesome in the mouth and warm and comfortable in the stomach.

And since it is often served with chicken, pork or beef, it tastes just as good at 9pm as at 9am.

Cantonese caangee is made from a 12:1 ratio of water and rice and cooked for about an hour until the rice grains have completely disintegrated. Stir-fried meat or vegetables are often mixed in before serving.

My order of beef cangee also came with a small dish of scallions, ginger and cilantro in a soy sauce…

…and some fried dough pieces called youtiao. They taste…

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