Circles & Stalls

Superposition 227 October 2017.

The Lowry, Salford.

In ‘Superposition’ Chanje Kunda embarks on a voyage of self-discovery through scientific theory, lap dancing and personal reflection. Pondering her place in the universe, the laws of attraction and even her identity as a woman Kunda seeks insights from a particle physicist, a professor of philosophy and her son. She also takes lessons in erotic dancing and attends a body confidence workshop. The discoveries she makes through this process and the thoughts they provoke form the basis of the show.

What strikes you most strongly is Kunda’s love of language and knowledge. Great care has gone in to the choice of words and the ideas they express. She slowly caresses each word, making sure everything is heard and has value. As she blends scientific concepts with rich vivid imagery we can feel her wonder, her gaze spanning wide across galaxies or focusing…

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