Carnaval San Francisco!

Camino Milagro

Growing up in greater Los Angeles (it’s greater than San Berdoo, I guess), I lived near communities that were Chicano, Latino, Hispanic and cholo, so I felt a special kind of nostalgia seeing dozens of low riders lead yesterday’s Carnaval parade in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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3 Responses to Carnaval San Francisco!

  1. Even little Denmark celebrates carnival. It was started by an English artist 1981 in Copenhagen and 1983 the city of Aalborg followed the example. The ancient festivals of greeting the lighter days and banning darkness were held in February, but for carnival they chose May/June because of the weather. So there isn’t any religious connection to carnival in Denmark.


    • agogo22 says:

      Similarly here the present carnival tradition was an adaptation of Caribbean ones (mainly Jamaican and Trinidadian by those missing “Mas” from their former home) postponed till August because of the weather (Notting Hill Carnival), but joining a panoply of pre-existent (rather strange) celebrations that had been going for hundreds of years (W Country Cheese Rolling for example).

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