Mandatory stop: São Paulo Municipal Market

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I’m in São Paulo and whenever I visit the city I have to go to “Mercadão” (the way native call the Municipal Market). It is literally a mandatory stop in the city and has transcended the simple tourist spot and today is a gastronomic experience.

In the place, it became a tradition to be served until you could not eat more, by the various marketers, of typical and exotic fruits. From tent to tent, buying or not, they offer you to taste the most diverse types of fruits, from grapes, strawberries and dates to grafted fruits that we rarely hear about, such as “atemoia”. During an hour’s walk, you can be sure that you will eat enough fruit so you do not need to eat lunch.

Among the various fruit stalls, there are still spaces for countless stalls selling seasonings, sausages, cheeses, alcoholic beverages, meats and seafood.

And if you…

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