Conversations with Taxi Drivers

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Sometimes conversations with perfect strangers are just the best. I have found myself secretly craving for such conversations because of their unique features  (I.E) they are often short, straight to the point, honest and depending on who you are chatting with, such little conversations are capable of transforming your perceptions on certain things, lifting your spirits or  just making you have a great day.

keep-calm-and-talk-to-the-taxi-driverI get to travel from time to time either for work or  for my personal adventure. As such, I find myself taking taxis either from train stations or airports to my hotel or meeting venue depending on the purpose for the trip. These are short rides that last not longer than 20 minutes. I have observed that every time I sit at the back of a cab, conversations rarely happen with the taxi driver apart from informing the driver the address or post code of my destination. But on occasions where I have sat in the front seat of a cab I end up engaging in great conversations and…

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2 Responses to Conversations with Taxi Drivers

  1. Lolagy says:

    Hello, thanks for the rebolg…loving your blog as well.
    P.S. Didn’t know there was something as interesting as this in Manchester.


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