Creating a community through music therapy…and Mickey Hart

Big Sky Music Therapy

6740_1060634051132_6807088_nOne of the longstanding highlights of my week as a music therapist is a small group I facilitate on Thursdays just before lunch. I’ve worked with the same residents for years and established strong bonds with the caretakers as well as the residents. Although the size of the group fluctuates, there are typically 2-4 residents with varying diagnoses. Regardless of the week, there are two wonderful ladies who are the foundation of this group. We shall call them M. & S. to respect their privacy. On a surface level, these two women are strikingly different; from their physical size to the pitch of their voice. S. appears to have extremely sensitive hearing while I almost have to yell at M. and hope she figured the rest out from reading my lips. Because M. remains bedbound almost all of the time, they rarely see one another. Yet their bond continues to grow…

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