Headphones Are Not Stereo (mid side phase trickery)

In which I talk about the way LCR mixes translate to headphones, warn of the potential dangers of mono-ing your low end without listening carefully to what that does, and show you some delightful ways to add depth to your mixes.

Belatedly realising my description should probably include phrases such as mid side stereo processing, sum and difference, stereo width, depth and dimension. Oh, and phase, phase rotation, all pass filters and delay.

Voxengo Sound Delay (free):

TDR Slick EQ GE:

I recycled some graphics content from a Fabfilter series “How To Mix In Stereo Without Sucking In Mono”… I hope they don’t mind. Here’s a playlist:

Music is “All In Your Head” from my album “Impostor Syndrome”, available in all the usual places. Bandcamp link:


If you like this type of content and you want to see it more often, consider signing up for Channel Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnz…

Affiliate links: if you make a purchase using one of the links below I’ll get a small commission. You won’t pay any extra.

FabFilter Pro-Q3 (Gear4music)

Video edited with VEGAS Pro 17:
{affiliate link)

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