Exquisite Embroideries Transport You to the Forest Floor

By Sara Barnes on March 28, 2022

These brilliant embroideries look like what you’d see if you were lying in a forest, looking up.

Embroidery artist Sew Beautiful shows the beauty of forests through their trees. Using colorful thread and a lot of the French knot stitch, the UK-based creative depicts nature scenes featuring tall timber full of leaves as well as bountiful fields of blooms. Contained in circular hoops, each frame offers a picture-window view into a lovely landscape; if you long for getting outside and enjoying nature, Sew Beautiful’s pieces are a welcome visual escape.

Some of Sew Beautiful’s most striking pieces feature the use of organza, a transparent fabric that can make stitches look as though they’re floating. This is exemplified through pieces in which we’re looking up at the treetops from a grounded point of view.[…]

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