Artist Transforms Discarded Scrap Metal Into Animal Sculptures | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on October 15, 2022

Leah Jeffrey gives scrap metal a new life by using it in her sculpture art.

Artist Leah Jeffrey, better known as Bruised Reed Studio, gives scrap metal a new life. She uses discarded materials to create exquisite modern sculptures of animals such as birds, frogs, rabbits, and more. These welded pieces lovingly depict different fauna while also maintaining some of the unique characteristics of the individual parts including gears and mesh wire.

Jeffrey picked up welding during her senior year of high school and has continued honing her skills ever since. After seeing other artists creating sculptures with scrap metal, she was inspired to upcycle old materials with her art. “There is something about taking what was discarded and giving it new life, which intrigues me,” she says on her website. “The process of finding different metal pieces of ‘trash’ and seeing the potential of it being used in a sculpture and then trying to accurately create a sculpture that captures the life and attitude of an animal is a process that has my mind constantly working.”[…]

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