Around The Streets Of Paris (Part I) | Street Art News

  1. “Earth Crisis” by Shepard Fairey

The French urban art movement started around the 1980s, since then Paris had home several exciting works from home-grown to international artists. This art movement have thrived not only on museums and galleries but over the streets.

Paris is an open-air museum. From monumental murals to stencil graffitis, it is no wonder that Paris is one of the world’s best cities to discover street art. In this article we will share with you some of the city’s most notable works of street art over the past few years.

The Earth Crisis mural is a mandala designed to provide a unified ornamental structure that evokes floral motifs and harmony with nature. Housed within the mandala’s shields are images that symbolize both threats to nature and incitement to respect it. The mandala images, composed of climate change and environmentally themed graphics, are positioned to raise awareness and provoke discussions about the Earth’s future. The mural was located at 13th district, Paris.[…]

4.  Dark Magic by SHOK-1

The British artist subverted the classic trope of the shadow puppet animal by spraypainting an X-ray of a rabbit in place of the shadow. He created dramatic contrast in the piece by rendering the hands in the perhaps unexpected medium of brush and ink.

9. “Dengju” by Fin DAC

After his 10 long days in Pantin, Paris as part of ‘Ete Du Canal’. Fin DAC have worked on the mural ‘Dengju’: not just a mural but a kind of reinterpretation of a building.

The artist took his lead from architectural reference points like the pitched roof and a window, our Irish friend has immersed his model/muse Marlena Moon into her surroundings with a beautifully striking piece of work. The piece was located at Pont Delizy in Pantin, Paris


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