Why Swahili is becoming Africa’s Official Language

The Remarkable Rise of Swahili in Africa.

Swahili is a Bantu language, which stands out from the rest in Africa and is the most spoken and widely studied indigenous African language. Swahili’s rise, development and spread also makes it the only African language in African union and has over 150 million speakers, it is the national and official language of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and more recently Rwanda.

With global corporations starting to pay attention to Swahili’s rise as a lingua franca in most of east and parts of central Africa, the language of Swahili may soon become the first African language spoken across the continent.

The latest sign of Swahili’s rise is recently, 16 southern African countries agreed to adopt Swahili as a formal language in their region, providing impetus for wider spread of one of the few shared African languages, that is not colonial.

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  1. I think that would be good for Africa as a continent to have one language that everybody understands, and not a European language. Swahili is also much more beautiful!

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