Brazil wildfires killed an estimated 17 million animals | BBC News

By Victoria Gill
Science correspondent, BBC News
Scientists visited an area of the Pantanal within 48 hours of a fire

‘Body count’ study gives first estimate of animals killed in wildfires in Brazil’s Pantanal wetland.

Amid the bleakness of 2020, scientists in Brazil concluded a particularly grim conservation study – attempting to count the animals killed by huge wildfires in the Pantanal wetlands.

They estimate that as many as 17 million vertebrates – including reptiles, birds and primates – died.

Wildfires burned between January and November, destroying 30% of the world’s largest tropical wetland.

This estimate of the loss is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The Pantanal is the largest wetland on the planet located in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay

Dr Mariana Napolitano Ferreira, head of science at WWF-Brazil explained that there were 22,000 separate fires recorded during that year.

This new research highlights, the researchers say, the importance of preventing such disasters in the future.

Body count

The Pantanal does burn naturally, but the 2020 wildfires were “apocalyptic”, according to Dr Alex Lees, an ecologist from Manchester Metropolitan University who has worked extensively in Central Brazil, including in the Pantanal. […]

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3 Responses to Brazil wildfires killed an estimated 17 million animals | BBC News

  1. This is just unimaginably terrible. We never heard anything about that in Danish news.

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    • agogo22 says:

      Our media are currently trying to distract us from some very illiberal proposals (removal of the right to protest, and reintroduction of “sus laws” [= the right to arrest people on suspicion of carrying tools to commit what has just been redesignated a crime], and potential removal of British citizenship, without notification – if that’s deemed more effective – which could effect up to 5 million mainly black and brown people) from a government who’ve replaced the senior tiers of media management with their friends, and frightened the rest of the staff into compliance.

      We are drowning in a sea of human interest stories and “dead cats” thrown into the room on a regular basis by this administration, normalising both crises of all degrees of severity, and their often instinctively authoritarian responses to them…

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      • Wow, that is worse than in Denmark. I have not watched the video yet about the freedom being taken by Johnson. It is still in the waiting line. I guess it will be a real eye opener.
        I read the bit about the citizenship being taken without notification. It leaves me speechless. There are supposed to be rules as to when and why a citizenship can be revoked. How is the British public reacting? When they accept one totalitarian decision, they have no right to complain about the next one that might effect themselves.


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