Mia takes her sister Squeeze to walk their dog in the fields near their home. The landscape begins to morph around them, tricking them and introducing Mia to a strange man lurking at the edge of a dark wood.

Esmé Creed-Miles
Millie Asford
Sam Spruell

BFI Network presents in association with Stefan Allesch-Taylor
A Wellington Films Production


Director of Photography: Nick Morris
Editors: Paco Sweetman, Robbie Gibbon
Composer: Tim Morrish
Sound Designer: Tom Jenkins
Production Designer: Kat Black
Costume Designer: Verity May Lane
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Billie McKenzie
Executive Producers: Rachel Robey, Alastair Clark, Stefan Allesch-Taylor and Charlie Kay
Produced by: Tom Wood
Written and Directed by: Sophie Littman
© Wellington Films Ltd MMXIX


Cannes Film Festival | Main Competition | 2020
Cork International Film Festival | WINNER | Best International Short Film | 2020
Montréal Festival de Nouveau Cinema | 2020
London Short Film Festival | 2020
Encounters Short Film Festival | 2020
Edinburgh Film Festival | 2020
Stockholm Film Festival | 2020
Leeds International Film Festival | 2020
Festival International du Film de La Roche-sur-Yon | 2020
SEMINCI: Valladolid International Film Festival | 2020
Kino Pavarasis: Vilnius Film Festival | 2021
Philosophical Film Festival: Skopje | 2021
Lago Film Festival | 2021
North Bend Film Festival | 2021
Curtocircuito: Festival Internacional de Cine | 2021

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