The Lights

In the UK We’re Supporting Ringcross Foodbank

In the US we’re supporting Feeding America

Directed by Tjoff Koong

With our Christmas film, we are supporting Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank  in Islington. We’ve chosen this charity, run by the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, as they help more than 500 families every week, right on our doorstep.

Since March, the number of people in crisis coming to the food bank has risen exponentially and there can be as many as 1000 people a week reaching out for assistance. People who have never joined a food bank queue before are now finding they are unable to support their families.

This year it has become clear just how quickly circumstances can change and how much we rely on one another for support. At Christmas, although celebrations will be smaller, we hope to be able to help those who need it and encourage you, if you are able, to donate.

Directed by: Tjoff Koong Studio
Music Direction by: Luciano Rossi
Song Performed by: Vimala Rowe
Produced by: Sam Gray
Executive Producers: Andrew Ruhemann, Debbie Crosscup, Belle Palmer
Thanks to: Becky Perryman, Saskia Burke & Eva Liu

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