Amazing Dad Builds Mini Rolls-Royce Replica Out of Wood for Son | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on January 21, 2022

Best. Dad. Ever.

Woodworker Trương Văn Đạo is one of those parents that goes the extra mile for his son. The Vietnam-based artist runs his own workshop called ND Woodworking Art and has been constructing incredible replicas of cars, phones, and more from discarded wood. His latest creation is a stunning reproduction of the $28-million limited-edition Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, one of the most coveted vehicles in the world.

This life-size vehicle is more than a copy of the real thing. Đạo spared no effort in making his miniature Rolls-Royce a functional toy car. After creating the body of the convertible in wood—including seats, headrests, and a dashboard—he added an elegant glass windshield, working blue-colored headlights and taillights, and a battery-powered motor.[…]

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