Can animals sense earthquakes?


Earthquakes don’t just shake the earth! They also affect the earth’s magnetic field, the ionosphere, and the van Allen belts. Besides this, in this video we also look at what researchers have found about the idea that animals sense earthquakes and earthquake lights.

The paper about disturbances to the magnetic field ahead of the earthquake in Loma Prieta which I mention at 4 mins 30 seconds is here:

The paper about disturbances in the ionosphere ahead of the Alaska earthquake which I mention at 5 mins 17 seconds is here:

The two papers from 2003 and 2005 about changes in the van Allen belts that I mention at 5 mins 50 seconds are those:……

And the 2013 paper I mention a bit later at 6 mins 10 seconds is this:…

The recent study about Helike which I mention at 7 mins 12 seconds is this:…

You find a pdf of Rand Schaals paper which I mention at 9 mins 2 seconds here:…

The review about whether animals can sense earthquake that I mention at 9 mins 30 seconds is this:…

The video with the Earthquake lights at 11 mins 20 seconds is here:

and the paper about it is here:…

Many thanks to Jordi Busqué for helping with this video

0:00 Intro
1:02 P-waves and s-waves
3:40 Ground changes
4:16 Electromagnetic anomalies
6:37 Animal behavior
10:45 Earthquake lights
12:27 The trouble with earthquake predictions
13:58 Sponsor message

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1 Response to Can animals sense earthquakes?

  1. When I was 8 years old, we were on vacation in the then Yugoslavia, in Dalmatia, the southern end of Croatia. The day of a major earthquake in Skopje (Macedonia), there wasn’t a single dog or cat outside, and not a single sound of them was heard. It was weird. And next day we heard about the earthquake.


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