Ferocious Dragon Created Using Traditional Japanese Tatami Mats | Colossal

By Jessica Stewart on February 6, 2022

On this incredible tatami mat, a powerful dragon takes up the entire floor.

Tatami mats have been a part of Japanese homes for centuries. Once reserved for nobility, they became a standard part of traditional homes in the 17th century. While today tatami mats aren’t quite as common, one man is taking tradition and transforming it into art. Kenze Yamada is a tatami artist who creates incredible images with his mats. Working out of a specialty store in Gifu prefecture, he’s been commissioned by hotels and temples across Japan to bring his signature look to their floors.

One of his most popular creations has been a powerful dragon face created with tatami. Yamada has taken the layers of soft rush, or igusa straw, and cut pieces allowing the face of the dragon to emerge. This tatami was commissioned by a Buddhist temple and Yamada spent four months creating it.[…]

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