Nahuatl – An Indigenous Language of Mexico

This video is all about Nahuatl, the most widely spoken indigenous language of Mexico.

Consultant and voice in the Nahuatl audio samples: Regulo Castro Hernandez

Watch my video about MEXICO:…


► The Nahuatl dialect map is from the following textbook:

“Escribo mi lengua. Nahuatl de Guerrero” MIBES 7.
Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los
Adultos, INEA.…

► Major source for the content of this video:

“Lecciones para un curso
del náhuatl moderno” by David Tuggy T.…

► Full list of sources:…


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2 Responses to Nahuatl – An Indigenous Language of Mexico

  1. That was very interesting! I met other languages that make use of prefixes and suffixes in verbs, even infixes, for example Tagalog and Finnish. Not that I think they are in family with Nahuatl, but I find it interesting that the way of constructing language is not necessarily unique to different parts of the world. They can develop parallel(ly?).


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