38 Facts that Prove How Amazing Women Are

These creatures have supertaste, supervision, can distinguish millions of colors and are extremely flexible. What are they? Some kind of superhuman, you might guess. Nope, these are women. Here’re 30+ facts that prove how unique a female body is. Some of them are hard to believe, some will leave you speechless, some will definitely impress you and make you wanna tell all of your friends about it.

For example, women blink more often and faster than men. It’s 19 against 11 blinks per minute. As females get older, they start to blink even more often because of higher levels of estrogen. Can you believe that? Blinking faster than a butterfly…


Intro 00:00
Women distinguish more colors 00:23
Four types of cones 00:44
Female muscles 00:56
Women blink faster 01:20
515 chemicals 02:12
Detecting scents 02:26
Better listeners 03:35
Can handle more pain 04:30
Women’s hearts 05:08
Words a day 05:40
Adolescence 06:18
Dislike for spiders 07:08
Stamina-related exercise 07:38
Sweat 08:10
Levels of amino acids 09:27

– Women distinguish more colors than men because they have 2 X-chromosomes, and men have only one;
– Nearly 12% of women have four types of cones in the retina, instead of the regular three;
– Female muscles are richer in elastin and more flexible than those of males;
– Women blink faster and more frequently than men: it’s 19 vs. 11 blinks per minute;
– Every day, the average woman unknowingly puts on about 515 chemicals on her body;
– Women are so good at detecting scents they can even tell when their partner is stressed out just by smelling their shirt;
– Women might be better listeners and hear even the unsaid, thanks to the right side, responsible for creativity;
– Women can handle much more pain than men;
– Women’s hearts are just 75% the size of men’s;
– The average woman speaks about 20,000 words a day;
– Women go through adolescence twice;
– Females are born with a strong dislike for spiders, snakes, and other venomous creatures;
– Women can go on with stamina-related exercises for about 75% longer than men;
– Females sweat half as much as men and less efficiently;
– You can tell a person’s gender by testing the levels of amino acids in their fingerprints;

Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com


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  1. Yes, we are amazing creatures … 😉 🙂


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