Music Monday: Kaho Nakamura | Spoon & Tamago


If you’ve seen Mamoru Hosoda’s latest film BELLE, you may recognize our featured musician of the week as none other than the voice of the animated film’s protagonist. Thirty-year old Kaho Nakamura is a Japanese singer-songwriter based in Kyoto who was selected last year as the voice of Suzu/Belle. Having originally attended art school with ambitions to become a visual artist, Nakamura’s background is evident in her songs and music videos which are richly layered with texture, color and emotion.

Sayonara Claira,” released just last week, is a track off the artist’s new album NIA coming out on March 23, 2022

If Nakamura had chosen the route of visual art, I imagine she would have become an abstract painter. Her unique voice, at times raw and unrefined, is like a paintbrush zigzagging across the canvas taking listeners in unexpected directions. And she deftly walks a fine line between experimentation and j-pop, ensuring that her audience doesn’t get lost along the way.[…]

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