How ectogenesis could change human reproduction forever – BBC REEL

The idea of human ectogenesis – growing a baby in an artificial environment outside of the human body – has always been considered in the realms of science fiction, however it may not be for much longer.

Scientific developments in this field have been taking big steps forward in recent years, particularly in our ability to care for extremely preterm babies. However, just how close are we to being able to create human life entirely outside of the human body?

And in a potential future, where women no longer had to give birth, what societal impacts might that have on gender equality and our conceptions of what it means to be a mother?

Video by Izabela Cardoso & Fernando Teixeira

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3 Responses to How ectogenesis could change human reproduction forever – BBC REEL

  1. And what impact might it have on the children? I mean it is very well known, how important physical contact is for fosters and babies. Where is mankind going with this I wonder?

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