BBC World Service – In the Studio, Ben Okri: Inside the mind of a poet

In the Studio enters the creative mind of the celebrated Nigerian poet Ben Okri.

Ben takes us on the journey of a new poem as it forms in his mind and makes its way to the page.

Recorded in 2021, and coinciding with a newly published anthology of his poems, A Fire in My Head, he reflects on the poetry writing process and the role of the poet in the 21st century.

Through a mixture of audio diary recorded in London during Lockdown and in conversation with the BBC’s Bola Mosuro, Ben Okri offers an unique insight into his way of bringing one of the most ancient literary forms to life.

Presented by Bola Mosuro.
Produced by Neil McCarthy for the BBC World Service
Image by Mat Bray

Source: BBC World Service – In the Studio, Ben Okri: Inside the mind of a poet

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