How close is wireless power technology?


Why can’t we send power wirelessly the same way that we send information, the way that you are most likely watching this video? Well, we can. The problem is, it’s not such a great idea to have a lot of energy in the air around you. In this video I tell you what the issue is with wireless power transfer, how far along the technology is, and what the most recent scientific developments are.

The full video of the microwave-powered helicopter is here:…

Tom Scott’s video about microwaved hamsters is here:…

More info about Samsung’s wifi-powered remote is here:…

The paper about extracting energy from the 5G network is this:…

The PRL about coherently enhanced wireless power transfer is here:…

The other paper I mention from the Stanford group in 2020 is this…

And finally, the paper about how metamaterials can enhance near-field wireless power transfer is this:…

Many thanks to Jordi Busqué for helping with this video

0:00 Intro
0:58 The problem with wireless power
2:18 Near-field wireless power transfer
4:21 Far-field wireless power transfer
12:34 Recent scientific developments
14:32 Sponsor message

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