The rotten core of the new IPCC report

The IPCC have finally released the Working Group 3 report, detailing how we can combat climate change. Unfortunately there is a rotten core to it…

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– Drawdown:

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To be clear the new IPCC report is mostly a comprehensive account of what we can do to stop climate change, and contains the latest research on how we can use technology and policy effectively. Some of the chapters in the full report are actually quite radical!
What I’m focusing on in this video is what I fear will be the talking point techbros and fossil fuel lobbyists will seize on – the use of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology to prolong the burning of fossil fuels. Do I see their economic argument? Of course. Do I think it’s a bad argument? Absolutely. We’re talking about keeping the planet habitable, and anything that obfuscates the action necessary to do so is dangerous and should be shunned. As I say in the video, we will almost certainly need to make use of CDR technology later this century to offset unavoidable emissions, and even to lower CO2 concentrations, but this is not something that should be factoring into our decisions right now. Right now we need to keep the carbon in the ground, which means not burning fossil fuels. Simple as.



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