“All Of The Prices Have Gone Up (But We Can’t Pay That)” – Meat Loaf classic adapted by Marsh Family

This is our tribute to the larger-than-life legends of music, entertainment, film and Wagnerian rock opera who tragically passed away during the pandemic: Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf. Steinman wrote “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” for his long-time collaborator, and it was originally recorded in 1993 – featuring on the album Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell. It was released in numerous forms – you’ll be pleased to know ours is closest to the short radio edit – and all of them starred a powerful closing coda duet sung by Lorraine Crosby. It’s an amazing collaboration for its energy, impact, mysterious meaning – enhanced by the magnificent gothic video featuring motorbikes, mansions, and floating sofas. And the whole track is built on the sensational presence and incredible voice of Meat Loaf, who broke the mold when it came to rock tenors and combining fierce passion with tongues in cheek, character, and a sense of humour.

Our adaptation is the best we could do to channel some of those vibes in our living room, and turn the song into a topical parody that addresses the alarming ‘cost of living’ crisis that is hitting ordinary people around the world, facing rising costs and squeezes on incomes. It is intended in the spirit of tribute, humour, compassion, and solidarity – with hopes that we will get to the other side as soon as possible and with as little damage as possible. All we can do is try to crack on, and support others, starting perhaps with a smile, and a five minute break from doom-scrolling or real-world hassle.

There are a couple of UK references for viewers beyond our shores: the “Money Saving Expert” is an advice initiative for normal folk set up by Martin Lewis (always worth a look – https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/) that in good times helped you find cheaper deals but has lately been predicting that no household changes can really be expected to cope with global crunches. And P&O is a ferry company (running ships just down the road from us from Dover) who outrageously decided to lay off 800 of their workforce a couple of weeks ago and replace them with agency workers, with the consequence that ships to France could not even run and large parts of Kent are gridlocked.

Hope the song brings a bit of light relief, and thanks as ever to our generous Patrons who have made it possible to continue singing through the carnage. 3 of us have had COVID lately too, but we’ve whinged enough about the pandemic in other songs, so stuck to other calamities here 🙂

Stay well and Happy Ramadan, Passover, and Easter to those celebrating or just getting some time out.

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1 Response to “All Of The Prices Have Gone Up (But We Can’t Pay That)” – Meat Loaf classic adapted by Marsh Family

  1. Yes, prices are going up …
    But what a talented family!

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