How do particle accelerators make neutrinos? | Even Bananas

Neutrinos are neutral, meaning the magnets in a particle accelerator can’t manipulate them. So how can scientists make a dense beam of neutrinos for their experiments? Neutrino physicist Kirsty Duffy and Fermilab accelerator operator Laura Bolt explain the power of protons and how teams can generate intense beams of neutrinos using particle accelerators.

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Production Credits:
Host: Kirsty Duffy
Creator: Lauren Biron
Guest: Laura Bolt
Writers: Lauren Biron, Kirsty Duffy, Ryan Postel
Director/Editor: Ryan Postel
Camera/Audio Operator: Luke Pickering
Illustration Designer: Diana Brandonisio
Theme Song: Scott Hershberger
Science Advisor: Andy Furmanski

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