Why did our brains shrink?

We’ve lost a lemon sized piece of brain. Here’s three hypotheses that try to explain what happened.

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Disclaimer: Use my videos as a rough guide to a topic. I am not an expert, I may get things wrong. This is why I always post my sources so you can critique my work and verify things for yourselves. Of course I aim to be as accurate as possible which is why you will only find reputable sources in my videos. Secondly, information is always subject to changes as new information is uncovered by archaeologists.

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2 Responses to Why did our brains shrink?

  1. I wonder how they know that the brain has decreased in size. There is a layer of fat around the brain that protects it from bruising. Maybe that was thicker before. Maybe the modern brains do not need so much “padding” anymore, because they are not generally shaken so much anymore. I mean aggression is now more from afar with weapons, not so much pounding man on man or man on beast. 😉

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