An astrophysicist’s TOP 5 targets for JWST


More information on what the James Webb Space Telescope will do –…
My previous video about Earendel –…
My previous video about HD1 & GN-z11 –…
My previous video on the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2020 –…

JWST observing proposal for TRAPPIST-1 –…
JWST observing proposal for Earendel –…
JWST observing proposal for COSMOS-Webb –…
JWST observing proposal for the galactic centre –…
All successful JWST proposals are available to view here:…

Oesch et al. (2016; discovery of GN-z11) –
Harikane et al. (2022; discovery of HD1) –
Sobral et al. (2015; discovery of CR7) –

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – TRAPPIST-1
02:46 – GN-z11 & HD1
04:18 – Earendel
05:47 – COSMOS & CR7
09:20 – The galactic centre/Sagittarius A*
11:31 – Brilliant
12:37 – Bloopers

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