Could we ACTUALLY grow potatoes on Mars? | OVERTHINKING The Martian


00:00 – Introduction
01:07 – Is it possible to grow crops in Martian soil?
03:23 – Is human waste as a fertiliser a good idea? (NOPE)
07:16 – What about Mars’ different gravity?
11:30 – Outro
11:52 – Brilliant
13:12 – Bloopers

Fackrell et al. (2020; martian simulant soils) –…
Ramîrez et al. (2017; potatoes grown in martian soils) –…
Wieger Wamelink et al. (2014; crops grown in martian and lunar soils) –…
Mancinelli & Banin (2003; where is the nitrogen on Mars?) –
Foley et al. (2003; Mars Pathfinder finds no nitrogen) – https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c…
Giroux et al. (2000; the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse) –…
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Kamal et al. (2018; micro-gravity and plant cell damage) –…

Teacher’s guide to growing plants in martian analog soil:…

Buy your own martian analog soil:


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