The Incredible Journey of Moncacht Apé Across North America

Was Moncacht Apé a real person? Did he actually travel the entire breadth of North America? We don’t know for sure but it’s a heck of a story either way. Explore the incredible account a Yazoo man’s journey across an entire continent.


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1 Response to The Incredible Journey of Moncacht Apé Across North America

  1. A fantastic story! I want it to be true too … and I guess to a certain extent it is. As the story was transmitted by telling only, and to two different people, there could have happened misunderstandings, therefore, I guess, the two different endings. The first one sounds more probable to me though. The description of the bearded men sounds nearly Oriental, with cloth around their heads (turbans?). But where would they have come from?
    I love those old maps. Interesting that at one stage people thought California was an island.

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