Trickster Gods and the Mortals Who Love Them | Fate & Fabled

If you’ve attended a sleepover party in the last 50 years, chances are high that you’ve encountered a prank call – maybe you’ve even made one yourself. But for thousands of years before the invention of the telephone, pranks fell under the purview of a force even more powerful than rowdy teens. It was left to the Trickster Gods.

Hosted by Dr. Moiya McTier & Dr. Emily Zarka, FATE & FABLED explores the stories and characters of mythologies from all around the world – why they came to be and how they impact us still today.

Host / Writer: Moiya McTier, PhD
Director: David Schulte
Executive Producer: Amanda Fox
Producer: Thomas Fernandes
Editor / Animator: Steven Simone
Assistant Editor: Jordyn Buckland
Illustrator: Sophie Calhoun
Script Editors: Emily Zarka, PhD & Moiya McTier, PhD
Fact Checker: Yvonne McGreevy
Additional Footage: Shutterstock
Music: APM Music
Executive in Charge (PBS): Maribel Lopez
Director of Programming (PBS): Gabrielle Ewing

Fate & Fabled is produced by Spotzen for PBS Digital Studios.


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