Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko | Spoon & Tamago


Kumiko is a traditional Japanese technique that utilizes numerous wooden bars, crossed and laid to form various designs and expressions. No nails or metal pieces are used, and the wooden parts are put together by adjusting grooves and angles. The final designs are typically flat, and were traditionally utilized as space dividers but more recently have taken on modern functions like coasters.

Breaking that mold is Mai Suzuki and kumiko craftsman Kazuhiro Kadowaki who, together, have created spherical kumiko that offer new and exciting applications.

Born in Tokyo in 1998, Mai Suzuki is the founder of “NAMAIKI,” an initiative that fuses craftsmanship and technology to create new possibilities. A chance encounter with kumiko craftsman Kazuhiro Kadowaki led to a collaboration and resulted in these stunning spherical lights, mirror frame and even dress. […]

More: Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko

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