Why Dirt and Microbes Could Be Good for Us – with B Brett Finlay

B Brett Finlay discusses whether we have taken our war on germs a step too far.
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“Let Them Eat Dirt: How Microbes Can Make Your Child Healthier” by B Brett Finaly is available now – https://geni.us/AVt6RV8

Although hygiene and antibiotics have overall improved our health, we might have taken our war against germs too far. B Brett Finlay talks about why a little dirt and our microbes might be good for all of us, as he discusses his new book, Let Them Eat Dirt, co-authored with Marie-Claire Arrieta.

B Brett Finlay is co-director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research’s Humans & the Microbiome program, and a microbiologist at the University of British Columbia.

Watch the Q&A here: https://youtu.be/rSwhS_HZWe4

This talk was filmed in the Royal Institution on 30 May 2017.


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