Creating Carnival A Sharing of Gifts 2022 by Global Grooves

A documentary following the creation of Global Grooves’, ‘A Sharing of Gifts’ that premiered at The Queens Platinum Jubilee Pageant in June 2022.

About A Sharing of Gifts

Drawing upon our research into Greater Manchester’s industrial heritage through textiles and procession, Global Grooves presented a brand new piece of Carnival, proudly made in Manchester. This new presentation was a reflection of our global interdependence and a celebration of our shared heritage and identity, exploring the resourceful, progressive, and innovative approach to industry and processional Carnival arts from our past and present. We weaved together creative elements using traditional making techniques, musical phrasing, and dance movements that told the story of today’s Greater Manchester, proudly sharing our story on the global stage.

Between March and June 2022, our Carnival Centre transformed into a hive of creative goodness, inviting musicians, dancers, makers, volunteers and friends from every corner of Greater Manchester to help create a new piece of work that will travelled to London with a 250 strong cast as part of The Platinum Jubilee Pageant on the 5th June 2022. Our breath-taking processional piece celebrated the deep cultural exchanges that take place when people travel and meet others who have vastly different experiences, ideas and ways of living and being. In Greater Manchester, the last 70 years has seen an incredibly rich exchange between people from commonwealth countries and beyond, forging a truly unique, global city-region. The project focused on our talented, diverse communities in Greater Manchester, showing that when we are open to new friendships and cultural collaborations anything is possible. We were delighted to be able to share this creative, celebratory and inclusive vision with audiences all over the world.

About Global Grooves’ Creating Carnival Programme

Creating Carnival is an artists development programme for new Carnival practitioners designed to offer a complete pathway into the profession. The 2022 programme worked with established Carnival artists on the cusp of regional and national profile, and helped to move them to the next stage in their carnival careers. Our 2022 programme included Freya Bennett-Nielsen and Emma Marsh, both just 21 years old, who secured positions as the youngest producer and youngest musical director that worked on The Queens Jubilee Pageant.

To find out more about Global Grooves and our work visit


Produced by Global Grooves

Lead partner and Commissioner – The Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Costumes and puppets – Global Grooves & Cabasa CIC

Artistic Director – Leon Patel

Lead Producer – Freya Bennett-Nielsen

Costume and Visuals Artistic Director – Emily Wood

Costume and Visuals Producer – Kate Rothery

Choreographers – Adriana Rosso, Bridget Withycombe-Wharton

Musical Director, Brass –Jack Tinker

Musical Director, Percussion – Emma Marsh

Assistant Musical Director, Percussion – Eraldo Marques

Lead Costume Artists, Designers and Makers (A-Z)
Chris Anderson (No Eyed Theatre, Ross Andrew, Gordon Banks, Alison Hamilton, Dan ‘Steam King’ Jones, Tony Mason, Lauren Moore, Vicky Richards, Lizzie Rigby, Mel Roberts, Kate Rothery, Nina Smith, Rowan Taylor, Iola Weir, Emily Wood, Stacey Wood, Ellesse Young

Brass Band – Wardle Academy Youth Band

Flag Choreographer – Sarah England (Sarah England School of Dance)

Lead Technician – Jon ‘Mambo’ Shaw

Outreach Administrator – Ciara Bartlett

Graphic Designer – Paul Heaton (Reform Creative)

PR – Sara Teiger (

Cabasa CIC, GM Arts, Future Leaders, OMBC, Oldham Theatre Workshop, Oldham Youth Council, Oldham Youth Service, Norbrook Youth Centre, Revolution Youth, Future Leaders, The Vale, Valentina’s Collective

Luiz Fernando Domingos, Stefan Pope, Rebecca Redican, Lizzie Rigby

Spirit of Courage performer – Cheddar Gorgeous

Parade Crew
Rhiannon Armstrong, Ciara Bartlett, Elias Carzedda, Blaise De Souza, Claire Dixon, Janet Gorman, Alison Hamilton, Rachel Hirst, Toubie Jack, Dan Jones, Mick Knaggs, Sarah Knaggs, Lauren Moore, Meghla Naidu, Mel Roberts, Kate Rothery, Asim Sharma, Peter Short, Nina Smith, Dayna Swinburn, Rowan Taylor, Becky Taylor-Christian, Jean Wallace, Jude Webb, Ellesse Young

Recruitment partners in each of the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Studio support during ‘The last push
Matt ‘Catt’ Bennett, Elias Carzedda, Anne-Marie Caudwell, Janet Gorman, Sarah Gregory, Rachel Hurst, Becky Taylor-Christian, Jude Webb

Plus 100’s of other incredible volunteers who we had the pleasure of meeting along the way and could not have realised this ambition without.

This project was made possible with generous support from;
Arts Council England, GM Arts , OMBC and British Airways.

Film produced by John Grey

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  1. I like this idea of sharing gifts. A very positive and constructive way of looking at differences.

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