Immerse Yourself in the Food and Art of Oaxaca This February with Murmur Ring’s Curated Tour | Colossal


All images by Dylan Chandler

This is Murmur Ring’s fourteenth curated tour, with a focus on the food, craft, culture, and art of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Join a group of twenty artists, designers, chefs, and creative entrepreneurs convening in Oaxaca, Mexico, for a three-day, four-night immersive journey into Food and Identity this February. Unlike a standard food or art tour, this experience includes intimate conversations, meals, and studio visits with Oaxaca’s Indigenous and emerging creative leaders. Participants will engage in a dynamic discourse about the relationship between local, Indigenous ecosystems and the global marketplace, in addition to the evolving relationship between art and craft, and enjoy a range of experiences representing traditional and nouveau culinary arts.

Oaxaca has captured the interest of the global market, particularly for its culinary and artistic contributions. One of the most diverse regions in the world with over 400 villages and different political divisions, Oaxaca represents two realities: the influx of new money and tourism and the Indigenous communities that produce most of the food and goods distributed through the supply chain.

This is the fourteenth global experience curated by Murmur Ring, an independent women-led outfit centered around the idea that “in order to connect we need to disconnect.” In a world that increasingly values the digital, Murmur Ring believes the innate human need for connection is more potent than ever before. Here are a few highlights planned for the experience:

  • Meet the iconic artists Jacobo and Maria Ángeles in their San Martín Tilcajete workshop, where their community of artisans create the now world-famous wood sculptures collected and exhibited by museums around the world like the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and the Vatican.


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