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By Regina Sienra on December 15, 2022

Who could say “No” to this?!

There are all different types of marriage proposals, including everything from very intimate moments to huge gestures in front of hundreds or thousands of people. With such variety in ways to propose, it can be difficult to be creative; however, one man in Japan did something truly epic to ask his girlfriend to marry him—he traveled across his native country to pop the question with the help of Google Earth. The result was the message “Marry Me” and a heart with an arrow through it drawn on a map of Japan with the use of a GPS tracker.

The monumental romantic gesture was produced by Yasushi Takahashi, aka Yassan, who first came up with the proposal idea in 2008. After planning the route, he quit his job and spent six months driving around and exploring places he had never been to before. When he was done, he uploaded the data to Google Earth and saw his message come alive in bright yellow letters, along with a heart of the island of Hokkaido. Needless to say, the ambitious romantic’s partner, Natsuki, said yes. But the story doesn’t end there. This incredible journey leading to that one binding word opened up new paths for Yassan.

The amorous adventurer’s elaborate proposal was then recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest GPS drawing done by an individual, a record he still holds to this day. The GWR states: “The largest GPS drawing is 7,163.67 km (4,451 miles) long and was created by Yasushi Takahashi (Japan), in Japan, on 9 June 2010.”

Now, the creator regularly roams cities around the world to produce city-sized drawings. According to his website, Yassan is a “professional GPS artist with more than 1,400 artworks” and has drawn over more than 100,000 kilometers (about 62,137 miles) in 24 countries. “I regard GPS art as ‘a tool for experiencing local history and culture,’” he states. “By moving, I draw something, and at the same time, I come into contact with history and culture, deepening my understanding of the region.” […]

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