How big is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE?


Curtis-Lake et al. (2022; GS-z13 discovery in JWST data, no paywall) –
My video explaining the discovery of GS-z13 –…

00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – 28 billion light years (the Observable Universe)
02:29 – 93 billion light years – correcting for expansion
03:48 – An example with JWST galaxy GS-z13
05:25 – Comoving distance vs lookback distance
05:53 – We can’t say the Universe is infinite
07:23 – Brilliant
08:46 – Bloopers

Correction: 04:20 I wasn’t very careful with my words or graphics here. For those familiar, I made the decision to skip over the idea of “proper distance” for simplicity in this video. This is the distance between us and the object (in this case GS-z13) when the light was emitted, which at the time was actually 2.34 billion light years. The Universe’s expansion means that the light travel time is then the further “lookback distance” of 13.48 billion light years.

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