Chapter 1-4: Rethinking General Relativity as 5 Dimensions of Physics – A Unifying Theory of Gravity

Many scientists have postulated that we need more dimensions to explain our observations in physics. The problem has been “Where are they?” This is my proposal of a different way of thinking about dimensions so we can perceive them, measure them, and incorporate them into our understanding of physics.

For this video, I focus on a fifth dimension of space and General Relativity. Below is a chapter outline of the video so you can skip around as needed, and at the bottom here is a list of videos I reference for further education.

A special “thank you” to my daughter who has spent the last 8 months diligently helping me put this together with editing, animations, and a lot of insight and feedback (she makes a few cameo appearances).

00:00:00 Teaser
00:00:27 Introduction
00:02:32 – Current Theories of Extra Dimensions
00:04:20 – My Proposal
00:05:36 – Setting Expectations
00:07:03 – “Thank You” to YouTube Science Content Creators
00:08:35 Chapter 1: Dimensional Concepts
00:09:38 – Dimensional Concept 1: Dimensional Stacking
00:10:11 – Dimensional Concept 2: Distance Difference
00:10:37 – Dimensional Concept 3: Dimensional Observation
00:11:21 – Dimensional Concept 4: Dimensional Geometry
00:11:59 – Dimensional Concept 5: Space vs Objects
00:12:36 – Dimensional Concept 6: Limited Dimensions
00:13:45 – Dimensional Concept 7: Distribution of Energy
00:15:11 Chapter 2: Gravity Misconceptions
00:17:50 – Misconception 1: “Gravity is a force”
00:19:25 – Misconception 2: “We ‘fall’ towards the Earth”
00:22:23 – Misconception 3: “The speed of light is always constant”
00:25:42 Chapter 3: The Fifth Dimension
00:26:52 – A 2D Example of Extra Dimensional Space
00:29:09 – Gravity as a 4th Dimension of Space
00:30:16 – A Bowling Ball in a Box of Jello
00:31:57 – Using 3D Space to Measure the 4th
00:33:14 – Killing “Space-Time”
00:34:12 – How to Perceive Five Dimensions
00:35:30 – The “Shape” of the 4th Spatial Dimension
00:38:39 Chapter 4: Rethinking General Relativity
00:41:20 – Counting Five Dimensions with Spatial Geometry
00:50:03 – Relating 5D to General Relativity
00:51:23 – Gabriel’s Hole and the Problems with Math
00:54:34 – No More “Curved Space”
00:55:02 – Rethinking Black Holes
00:55:37 – What the Gravitational Constant Actually Represents
00:58:19 – Ramifications of Five-Dimensional Space
00:59:05 – Conclusion and What Comes Next
01:01:43 Outtakes

Some Great Science Content Creators on YouTube:
3Blue1Brown – @3blue1brown
Fermilab – @fermilab
Minute Physics – @MinutePhysics
Parth G – @ParthGChannel
Sabine Hossenfelder – @SabineHossenfelder
Science Asylum – @ScienceAsylum
Up and Atom – @upandatom
Veritasium – @veritasium

Catch Up or “Refresh” Yourself on Special and General Relativity:

Understanding Why General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Don’t Get Along:

Veritasium Explains Why Gravity is Not a Force

Fermilab Explains Gravitational Lensing (Light and Gravity)

Science Asylum Explains C vs Speed of Light

Minkowski Space-Time (Special Relativity) Explained:

Up and Atom Explains The Painter’s Paradox (Gabrielle’s Horn):


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