Going Up | New Beginnings in Love

“The door slid aside, and there she stood — the prettiest girl I had ever seen.”

In the time it took Paul Wilson to ride the elevator up 10 floors to his office, he knew he had met someone special – Wilma. He had just been drafted and was about to spend three years in the service. Three days after returning, Paul and Wilma were married. They remained together and in love for the next 63 years.

At StoryCorps, Paul reminisced about the first time he laid his eyes on the love of his life.

Directed by
Natalie Greene

Executive Producers
Dave Isay
Rachel Hartman

Savannah Winchester

Audio Produced by
Nadia Reiman

Supervising Sound Recordist
Nina Porzucki

Audio Mixed By
Jarrett Floyd

Animation by
Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC

Creative Supervisor
Richard O’Connor

Ward Jenkins

Background Design and Animation
Natalie Greene

Additional Animation
Taisiya Zaretskaya

Original Music
Joshua Abrams

Music Performed by
Joshua Abrams
Hamid Drake
Marquis Hill
Emmett Kelly
Adam Thornburg

Music Mixed by
Joshua Abrams
Neil Strauch

Outro Music by
“Undertone” Written by Zaccai Curtis
Performed by Curtis Brothers Quartet
Mixed by Chris Silut

Special Thanks
Marty Smith
Paul Wilson

In Partnership with
American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress

Funding Provided by
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
A private corporation funded by the American people.

Copyright © StoryCorps 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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