A Brief History of Us

When you are in a long-term relationship, you sometimes feel you are no longer an individual but a part of a super-organism. Between your daily routine, the decisions you make, the music you hear and the air you breathe – it’s hard to tell the difference between “my” choices and “our” choices. The vulnerable and moving voiceover of actress Molly Ringwald tells the story of a couple who have gone through such a long journey together that they can no longer determine where one ends and the other begins.

From the book ‘Fly Already’ published by Riverhead in the US, Granta in the UK, and Scribe in Australia.

Director + Writer – Etgar Keret
Art Direction + Animation + Co-Director – Ofra Kobliner
Narrator – Molly Ringwald
Music – Maciej Dobrowolski
Sound – Blazej Kafarski, Dreamsound
Translation – Jessica Cohen
Visual Effects – Yoav Lev Ari
Production Management – Maria Deskur, Piotr Furmankiewicz
Producers – Piotr Furmankiewicz, Hamutal Gur, Mateusz Michalak
Production – Fumi Studio
Co-financing – Polish Film Institute, The Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts

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Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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