So, space isn’t a 4D Pringle… Maybe a donut?

pace might be infinite, it might wrap around, and it might even spit you out as your own mirror image. Now that we know the curvature of the Universe, let’s try to figure out it’s topology.

This video is Part Two of my shape of the universe duology. Watch Part One here:

0:00 Human Topology
2:13 Cosmological Principle
4:50 2D Surfaces
7:15 Flatness and Topology
10:01 Circles in the Sky

Liddle, An Introduction to Modern Cosmology
Kostyuk, Flat Life:…
Weeks, The Shape of Space
Planck 2018 parameters:…
Dini’s Surface:
Flat Torus:,…
Cosmic Topology Overview:…
Planck 2015 topology:…

Image Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team.


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