End over end 04_flipped_5008202 UK London – Battersea – Light Festival | Darrell Godliman

UK - London - Battersea - Light Festival - End over end 04_flipped_5008202

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A ‘flipped’ version of a photo of Studio Vertigo’s ‘End to end’ light installation taken recently during a trip to Battersea Power Station. What won’t be apparent from this photo is that as it cycled through the colours it did look like like a giant Slinky stepping down from the building.

This was one of three light festivals I visited during my trip to London. More photos to come from this, South Bank and Canary Wharf.

The Canary Wharf Festival was probably the most impressive but I visited on it’s last day. Battersea however continues till March 5th so it’s a good excuse to go and have a look around if you haven’t already.

Click here for other photos of Battersea and Nine Elms : www.flickr.com/photos/darrellg/albums/72177720296294897


More: https://www.flickr.com/photos/darrellg/52673691554/

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