Pianist Composes Music to Accompany a Neighbor’s Car Alarm | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on March 2, 2023

A car alarm going off in the neighborhood can be annoying, but this pianist has turned into a musical work of art.

Everyone is familiar with the blare of a persistent car alarm . Usually, when one goes off, people will try their best to ignore the sound. One artist, however, used the inconvenient noise as inspiration for music. Toronto-based pianist Tony Ann created a composition aptly titled “My Neighbor’s Car Alarm,” which layers piano over a loud honking in the distance.

This whimsical performance was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, where Ann plays his keyboard outside in front of nearby buildings. After the car horn blares a handful of times, we see Ann’s hands take off on the keyboard, flying into a transportive composition that completely changes the experience of the unwelcome sound from earlier. He also adds multiple layers of piano to enhance the depth of the piece.

Ann’s unique idea even inspired other artists. Fellow Toronto-based musician Deelen Bhatticame across “My Neighbor’s Car Alarm” and decided to add his own contribution to the composition through his percussion instruments. In his version, he plays his drum set over the gentle piano, fusing three rhythms—the car alarm, Ann’s piano, and his drums—into one amazing soundtrack.[…]

Source: Pianist Composes Music to Accompany a Neighbor’s Car Alarm

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