Unlock creative genius like da Vinci and Richard Feynman | Tiago Forte

Master creative thinking in 90 minutes, with expert Tiago Forte.

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It’s never been easier for us to obtain information in today’s digital age. But at the same time, it’s never been more difficult for us to organize, synthesize, and make sense of all that information we have at our fingertips.

That’s why author Tiago Forte believes we need to build a “second brain,” or a personal system for knowledge management. To build up this system, Forte recommends using the CODE system: C for Capture, O for Organize, D for Distill, and E for Express.

Forte elaborates on his idea of the second brain — and much, much more — in this wide-ranging Big Think interview.

0:00 Meet Tiago Forte
00:16 How much information do we consume?
4:37 Why did history’s great minds keep ‘commonplace books’?
9:58 What is the CODE framework?
12:16 How do we determine what is important to capture?
24:04 What are the benefits and limitations of capturing?
29:38 How do we organize what has been captured?
35:14 What is the distillation process?
38:05 What are the stages of expression?
44:26 How can we make the most out of CODE?
49:06 What are divergence and convergence?
1:01:29 When do we pivot between divergence and convergence?
1:06:32 Why are second brain practices important?
1:09:36 What is the future of second brains?
1:21:14 When should we start teaching second brain practices?
1:26:21 Can productivity and mindfulness coexist?

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