All 17 Megadiverse Countries

In terms of species count, an overwhelming majority of the world’s flora and fauna is harboured by a relatively small number of countries. But it is not solely the number of species that qualifies a country as “mega” diverse. Endemism refers to the state of a species or other taxon being unique to a specific geographical region and was a heavily weighted factor when, in 1988, the world’s 17 megadiverse countries were first proposed. In this video, we explore each of these nations and the species found therein.

00:00 Megadiversity
00:45 Madagascar
01:48 South Africa
02:53 Democratic Republic of Congo
04:05 India
05:07 China
06:10 Philippines
07:16 Malaysia
08:23 Indonesia
09:29 Papua New Guinea
10:25 Australia
11:31 United States
12:43 Mexico
13:46 Venezuela
14:45 Colombia
15:38 Ecuador
16:40 Peru
17:51 Brazil

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