BBC Radio 4 – Beyond Belief, Losing My Religion

Aleem Maqbool speaks to Janet Ellis about her journey to adopt humanism.

Is Humanism a religion?

Aleem Maqbool speaks with former Blue Peter presenter and author, Janet Ellis, about the path that led her to adopt Humanism.

This sparks a discussion on the nature of Humanism and the various rituals and beliefs associated with it.

Joining Aleem for the discussion are:

Professor Alice Roberts – Vice President of Humanist UK and author of The Little Books of Humanism and The Little Book of Humanist Funerals

Theo Hobson – Theologian and author of God Created Humanism: the Christian Basis of Secular Values

Lola Tinubu – Co-founder of the Association of Black Humanists in London.

Producer: Katharine Longworth
Assistant Producer: Linda Walker

Source: BBC Radio 4 – Beyond Belief, Losing My Religion

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