The fantastic anatomy of spiders – all you have to know

This video is about the fascinating and fantastic anatomy of spiders by means of a vivid 3D animation of a black widow. It is about the external structure with cephalothorax / prosoma and abdomen, chelicerae, pedipals and about the organs of the spider, such as the book lungs, the tubular heart or the spinning glands and the sucking stomach.

00:00 body of arachnoids
00:30 chelicerae – jaw claws with venom glands
00:58 eyes
01:33 brain of the spider – ganglia
01:46 book lungs
02:17 heart – blood circulation system
02:43 reproduction organ – ovaries
03:05 spinning glands
03:50 intestinals
04:09 how spiders eat
04:27 variety of spider species

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