Explore Black Art and Culture in New Orleans’ Studio BE | My Modern Met

By Sara Barnes on May 12, 2023

Photo: Jeremy Tauriac

New Orleans is rich in art and culture. This massive space is one must-see spot in The Big Easy.

New Orleans is a place of incredible culture. There are well-known locales like the French Quarter, but the soulful city has even more areas to explore. Venturing off the beaten path allows you to enjoy and appreciate all that The Big Easy has to offer. Studio BE is one such place. Established in 2016, it’s a destination for art and culture lovers. The massive warehouse space showcases the work of local creative Brandon “BMIKE” Odums. He creates large-scale murals and paintings that illustrate Black culture in New Orleans as depicted through portraiture, art installations, and more. It’s a unique studio that you can’t miss when walking by; it has a giant mural of a young girl painted across the building with her arms open. It’s as if she’s saying, “This is the place.”

Photo: Eugene Kim / My Modern Met

Studio BE is located in the Bywater neighborhood, a 15-minute walk east of the famous French Quarter. It is part of the arts nonprofit Eternal Seeds, which was developed by and for artists in New Orleans and provides young and emerging creatives with the tools they need to “become the revolutionary leaders and shapers of a more just, equitable, and artful world.” Eternal Seeds produces community murals in Studio BE and with hosting thoughtful exhibitions in space.

hoto: Eugene Kim / My Modern Met

Anyone can visit StudioBE to witness the art and messages shared […]

Photo: Eugene Kim / My Modern Met

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