The “REAL” Law Of Attraction & The Neuroscience Behind It

The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts can attract corresponding experiences and events into a person’s life.

It is based on a very simple idea: Thoughts become things.

And, it is very easy to see that this is true.

Look around you. Every human-made object was, without fail, once a thought in someone’s head.

Thought inspires action. Action is a making or a doing. Making or doing creates our worlds.

Thus, positive thoughts inspire positive action. Positive action is positive or beneficial doing or making.

And, positive or beneficial doing or making creates a positive or beneficial world – even our personal, private, or subjective worlds.

Unfortunately, habitual negative thinking will yield the opposite results. It can create an extremely unhappy, even hellish, subjective or inner world for us.

There is no more effective way of radically changing our lives for the better than changing our thinking, our thoughts, from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

But how?

Recent scientific studies in neuroscience, particularly in neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganise itself and think differently by forming new connections between neurons, can be very helpful.

Activity in certain regions of the brain linked to positive thought is also greatly increased.

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Script: Matt Mackane

Voiceover: Andrea Giordani

Edit: Medo

Score: Epidemic music & Original Score

00:00 Start Quote
00.52 Introduction:
02:44 Changing The Structure of the Brain To Think Positively
03:40 The Practice of Gratitude
04:58 The Practice of Positive Self-Talk
08:55 Positive People Can Change The Structure Of Your Brain
10:28 How A Healthy Brain Supports Positive Thinking
15:50 The Art of Allowing: Beyond Positive Thinking
18:46 Wu-Wei, Tibetan Bön, & The Neuroscience of the Default Network

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