In conversation with Dr Alexandra Amon (Dark Energy Survey & Stanford University)

A week ago the Dark Energy Survey released its long-awaited 3 years worth of data – the positions of 226 million galaxies! Along with that came a whole load of new science in 30 papers (!) – I dived into them and picked out all the highlights, plus I spoke to Dr. Alexandra Amon on the DES team about her results showing dark matter might be distributed more smoothly than we thought.

You can follow Dr. Alexandra Amon on Twitter:
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My video on the history of dark matter and all the evidence we have for it:…

You can access the Dark Energy Survey data for free here:…
And read all the 30 papers (again, for free!) describing it here:…

Amon et al. (2021; dark matter is smoother with S8 = 0.772) –…

[Note these papers are all free to access!]

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